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Taper Haircuts for Men in 2024

Taper Haircuts for Men

A taper haircut is one of the most popular modern men’s hairstyles. This cut features short hair on the sides and back that gradually increases in length up to the top. Tapers are clean, classic, and versatile – suitable for both professional and casual looks. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about taper haircuts.

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What is a Taper Haircut?

A taper haircut is a short cut where the hair on the back and sides is cut short and close to the head, gradually becoming longer near the top of the head. This creates a tapered effect rather than an abrupt transition between the top and sides.

There are a few key elements that define the taper cut:

  • The hair starts very short at the neckline and sideburns, then subtlety increases in length up to the parietal ridge and crown. This gives a contoured look.
  • The top hair is usually longer than the faded sides, allowing it to be styled in various ways. This contrast creates a sharp, polished style.
  • It works well with straight, curly, or wavy hair types when cut properly. The level of fade can also be customized.
  • Using clippers during the cut is what creates the seamless “fade” from short to long. Scissors may be used on the top and forelock if desired.

In summary, a taper leverages gradual length changes through the sides/back balanced with longer hair on top to create a modern, masculine shape full of character.

Different Types of Taper Haircuts for men

Here are few popular types of taper haircut defined by where the fading begins and how dramatic it is:

1. Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

Source: @arzumustakim via Pinterest

The low taper fade is a popular modern haircut for men with curly hair. By keeping hair long on top and fading down the sides, curls remain defined while the back and sides stay clean.

Key characteristics:

  • Defines curly hair while keeping sides short
  • Allows curls freedom to spring up top
  • Fresh, flattering cut for coiled hair types
  • Less contrast than a high taper fade
  • Low maintenance style

2. High Taper Fade Black

Source: @steph_cutz via Insta

A high taper fade makes an edgy statement on black men’s hair when paired with a long top. It accents waves, curls and locs with a quick transition from long to almost bald.

Key characteristics:

  • High contrast visually striking look
  • Emphasizes coils, curls or waves up top
  • Super short sides and back
  • Allows freedom of styling on top
  • Faded line ups further define the taper

3. Temple Taper Fade with Waves

Source: @staychrispy via Insta

Also known as a blowout, the temple taper pairs perfectly with defined waves and a brushed up presentation. Waves radiate outward from the crisp hairline of this sculpted shape up.

Key characteristics:

  • 360 waves flow outward from precise edges
  • Temple area and forehead exposed
  • Mid or high tapered back and sides
  • Volume on top for wave pattern
  • Fresh lined-up hairline

4. Low Taper Slick Back

Source: @alens_barber_academy via Insta

Slicking back longer hair on top requires short tapered sides. This smooths long hair back while creating side profile dimension. Stubborn thick hair may need a stronger pomade or gel.

Key characteristics:

  • Long hair on top swept cleanly back
  • Short tapered sides, low or mid baldness
  • Pomps, quiffs also suit this cut
  • Sharp side part variations
  • Use pomade for shine and hold

5. Low Taper Fade Long Hair

Source: @the_shed_salon via Insta

The low fade taper allows for flow with longer hair on top. Because hair remains at least clipper guard-length at lower edges, the reduction gradient is more gradual than a high bald fade.

Key characteristics:

  • Subtler transition from longer top
  • AT least #2 clipper length at bottom edge
  • Allows enlongated top styles like man buns
  • Works with straight, curly or wavy hair
  • Softens profile for round face shapes

6. Low Taper Asian

Source: @zoblends via Insta

Asian hair textures tend to be thick and upright-growing. The low taper permits short sides while allowing length and volume on top for modern styles with texture and flow.

Key characteristics:

  • Gradual shortening suits thick Asian hair
  • Allows height and volume on top
  • Pairs well with textured crops and bangs
  • Softer look than an extreme fade
  • Faced lines on the forehead optional

7. Buzz Cut with Taper

Source: @the_chop_shop_kichijoji via Insta

Adding a slight bald taper on the back and sides of a short buzz cut helps tidy up the edges. This takes some weight off full buzz styles while allowing a bit more dimension.

Key characteristics:

  • #2 to 4 clipper buzz cut on top
  • Tapered to bald sides
  • Crisp nape outline
  • Simple military style
  • Low maintenance haircut

8. Taper Slick Back

Source: @santosantoya93 via Insta

Slick, shiny pomades sweep hair back but can expose uneven layers. A tapered cut with shorter sides allows hair on top to brush straight back without reveal or bulk underneath.

Key characteristics:

  • Short-to-long silhouette
  • Pomade or gel for gloss
  • Reveals facial structure
  • Professional style
  • Well-groomed look

9. Mid Taper

Source: @thebarberbrooks via Insta

A mid taper finds middle ground between longer sides and a high skin taper fade. Hair gradually decreases in length from longer on top to shorter at the temples, nape and above the ears.

Key characteristics:

  • Medium gradient taper
  • Lower contract than a high fade
  • Leaves some edge bulk
  • Easy length to maintain
  • Classic barbershop cut

10. Low Taper Fade

Source: @david_blendz via Insta

The low taper fade begins fading hair length lower on the sides, gradually transitioning to shorter hair near the bottom. This creates subtle dimension while allowing conservative length around the ears and nape. It’s one of the best hairstyles for men.

Key characteristics:

  • Fade begins lower on sides
  • Gradual, subtle length reduction
  • Keeps more edge bulk
  • Easy length for upkeep
  • Versatile classic style

11. Low Taper Fringe

Source: @zohna via zohna.com

A faded fringe sweeps textured bangs across the forehead while keeping hair near the neckline relatively short. This pairs messy upfront bangs with tidy edges for a stylish look.

Key characteristics:

  • Swept fringe bangs on top
  • Short tapered back and sides
  • Textured, choppy layers up front
  • Great with straight or wavy hair
  • Youthful style statement

12. Low Taper with Long Hair

Source: @chely_cutz via Insta

The low taper technique means subtly shorter hair on the sides and back while hair on top stays longer. This allows hair length in front to be styled tall or swept back.

Key characteristics:

  • Long hair on top, short around edges
  • Allows quiffs, pomps and man buns
  • Subtle fade instead of high contrast
  • Keeps some thickness at temples
  • Easy length maintenance

13. Blowout Afro Taper Fade

Source: @brads.barbers via Insta

This pairs an expansive afro with precisely cut sideburns that taper down to exposed skin around the temples and neckline. Defined edges boost the fullness on top for high-volume style.

Key characteristics:

  • Big natural fro accentuated by sharp lines
  • Tapered hairline and edges
  • High contrast afro to faded sides
  • Boosts dimension and shape
  • Statement style for thick, coily hair

14. Burst Taper Fade

Source: @verry_bounce via Insta

A burst fade features the tapered line dipping below its usual curve at the temple dipping slightly into a “C” before continuing the fade. This distortion creates a subtle before the burst.

Key characteristics:

  • Signature “C” distortion in fade line
  • Dramatic curve at front corners
  • Distinctive custom look
  • Highlights waves and textures
  • Eye-catching detail

15. Low Taper Fade Straight Hair

Source: @nektaly via Insta

Fading too high on straight fine hair can seem too extreme. The subtle dimension of a low taper pairs well by adding just a touch of distinction between the top and sides.

Key characteristics:

  • Subtle gradient for fine straight hair
  • Transition starts lower on head
  • Allows more length on sides
  • Eases height reduction
  • Keeps natural density

16. Low Taper Wavy Hair

Source: @barberfirmat via Insta

The gradual length decrease of a low taper prevents wavy hair from becoming too tight. Keeping some edge length maintains natural flow while adding clean lines.

Key Characteristics:

  • Allows waves to cascade more naturally
  • Avoids overly-tightening texture
  • Subtler fade contrast
  • Complements the natural wave pattern
  • Elongates oval face shapes

17. Low Taper Fade Haircut

Source: @gentlemensbc via Insta

This versatile, classic barbershop staple pairs shorter sides and back with slightly longer hair on top. The lower taper gently transitions lengths without an extreme change.

Key Characteristics:

  • Subtle fade haircut
  • Starts taper lower on the sides
  • Maintains some edge bulk
  • Easy length for upkeep
  • Flatters most face shapes

18. Low Taper Curly Hair

Source: @barber.nestor via Insta

A low taper on curly hair maintains the natural spring of curls on top while allowing tighter coils on the faded sides. This adds shape without shearing curls too short.

Key Characteristics:

  • Leaves fullness on top for coils
  • Tames sides for streamlined silhouette
  • Allows curl pattern to remain intact
  • Softens profile for round faces
  • Lets curls pop with definition

19. Textured Low Taper

Source: @menshaircutscom via Pinterest

Whether applied to bangs, fringe, spikes or layers, adding texture on top contrasts with the streamlined simplicity of a low taper. Edgy yet polished at once.

Key Characteristics:

  • Messy layers, fringe or bangs
  • Crisp simple sides and back
  • Texture and flow meets precision
  • Perfect style juxtaposition
  • Great with straight or wavy hair

20. Low Taper Buzz Cut

Source: @randy_blendz via Insta

Blending longer hair on top with shorter tapered sides, this pairs conservative upfront length with a gradual baldness towards the nape and temples.

Key Characteristics:

  • #2-4 clipper buzz cut up top
  • Tapered down sides
  • Crisp back/neckline
  • Adds some edge to military cut
  • Low maintenance

21. Short Hair Taper Fade

Source: @lucas.davidovich via Insta

Even short men’s hair deserves crisp lines. A taper fade on a short crop, crew cut or classic Caesar bumps edges up a notch while allowing short hair on top to stand tall.

Key Characteristics:

  • Highlights short hair styles
  • Carves out bold lines
  • Showcases cropped textures
  • Pairs great with blunt fringe
  • High impact short look

22. Low Taper Textured Fringe

Source: @sveltemag·they/them via Pinterest

Blending shaggy bangs and fringe with streamlined sides creates stylish contrast. This frames the face with messy texture while keeping edges neat.

Key Characteristics:

  • Chopped bangs and layers
  • Tapered simplicity around edges
  • Dimensional fringe texture
  • Distinctive style fusion
  • Great with wavy or straight hair

23. Mid Taper Mullet

Source: @enrique.soto__ via Insta

The modern mullet gets a precision update with a mid taper fade. Shorter sides leave room for longer locks in back to flow while framing the face and neckline.

Key Characteristics:

  • Mullet with crisply faded sides
  • Volume and layers on top
  • Elongated hair trains in the back
  • Exaggerated mix of lengths
  • Edgy yet refined spin

24. Taper Fade Bajo

Source: @grekkstyle via Insta

Also known as an undercut fade, the bajo combines longer hair on top with trimmed sides and an exposed neckline. The taper gradually fades down behind the ears, contrasting lengths. This cut also best taper fade haircuts for men in 2024.

Key Characteristics:

  • Undercut fade haircut
  • Long hair on top only
  • Exposed neckline
  • High impact aesthetic
  • Spotlights lush locks

25. Ponytail Long Hair Taper Fade

Source: @steakndchicks via Insta

Pulling long hair atop the head reveals a tapered underlayer. Short sides intuitively correspond with the gathered height of a slick back or ponytail.

Key Characteristics:

  • Long hair styled up high
  • Faded sides and back
  • Streamlines loose hair
  • Exposes facial features
  • Unexpected long hair style

26. High Taper

Source: @luisbarber25 via Insta

This aggressively tight taper quickly diminishes hair length down to the skin. The high taper makes a bold transition from longer hair on top to exposed scalp on the sides.

Key Characteristics:

  • Extremely short sides
  • Quick shift to skin exposure
  • High contrast aesthetic
  • Spotlights hair textures
  • Edgy bold statement

27. Low Taper

Source: @bladezandco via Insta

A relaxed alternative to the high and tight military cuts, the low tapper subtly tapers longer hair. This gradual gradient lightly shapes edges around a conservative crop top.

Key Characteristics:

  • Lower start to fade
  • Modest length reduction
  • Leaves some side bulk intact
  • Allows natural hair growth
  • Reserved silhouette

28. Hispanic Long Hair Taper Fade

Source: @sudhansu_salon via Insta

This pairs flowing Latino locks with streamlined sides. The tapered underlayer lends structure to freely flowing curls, waves and length. Defining lines liberate texture.

Key Characteristics:

  • Accentuates Latino hair richness
  • Fades provide supportive base
  • Emphasizes hair’s natural beauty
  • Enhances volume and abundance
  • Celebrates cultural identity

29. Blowout Taper Fade Curly Hair

Source: @kuttzbydnz via Insta

This pairs tightly coiled curls with precisely trimmed sides and neckline for awesome explosion of volume. Exposing the hairline and tapering around temples boosts dimension.

Key Characteristics:

  • Highlights bountiful curly afros
  • Exposed edges and forehead
  • Faded sides amplify width
  • Circumference explode outward
  • Awesome volume booster

30. Taper Fade Buzz Cut

Source: @santoyos_barbershop via Insta

Blending longer buzzed hair on top with shorter tapered back and sides tidies up edges. This takes some bulk off full buzz cuts while allowing subtle dimension from fade contrast.

Key Characteristics:

  • #2-4 buzz cut on top
  • Tapered down to bald sides
  • Crisp neckline outline
  • Refined military style
  • Subtly edged up

31. High Taper Fade

Source: @buttahblendz via Insta

This aggressively tight fade rapidly diminishes hair length culminating in bald sides. The bold transition from longer hair on top to exposed scalp on the sides makes a defiant style statement.

Key Characteristics:

  • Extremely short bald sides
  • Quick shift to skin exposure
  • High contrast aesthetic
  • Emphasizes hair texture
  • Punk-infused edginess

32. Low Taper Black Men

Source: @skevinbrueck6 via Pinterest

The low taper’s subtle gradient respects and flatters black men’s beautifully textured hair. Its understated sides allow coils, waves, afros and locs to shine fully from top.

Key Characteristics:

  • Allows rich textures to take focus
  • Less dramatic than high fades
  • Minimizes coarse edges desire
  • Permits fuller volume on top
  • Enhances black swagger

33. Short Hair Taper

Source: @franklincutz
via Insta

This precision cut sculpts and defines cropped hair styles for men. Crisply carved lines augment classic short back and sides crew cuts plus accent blunt fringe cuts.

Key Characteristics:

  • Exposes cropped hair textures
  • Removes loose edges
  • Crisp perimeter framing
  • Pairs well with straight bangs/fringe styles
  • High impact short style

34. Mexican Mullet Taper Fade

Source: @bknstudio via Insta

This flashy fusion pairs a tapered sides and back with an exaggerated mullet featuring length in front and extra long locks flowing in back. Bold lines boost dimension.

Key Characteristics:

  • Tapered contour supports mullet
  • Volume on top, length in back
  • Exaggerated mix of layers
  • Fused cultural identities
  • Spotlights Latino texture

35. Taper Hairline

Source: @makeupbyhlutea via Insta

Also called a temple fade or blowout fade, this sculpted haircut pairs a precision hairline shape up with back/sides faded to expose the skin. Maximum impact lines define the perimeter.

Key Characteristics:

  • Crisply lined forehead hairline
  • Taper fades down neck and sides
  • Exposes skin around edges
  • Max edge and nape contrast
  • Super fresh finish

36. Corte Taper

Source: @navajas_zapala
via Insta

In Spanish, a corte describes a haircut. The corte taper haircut sculpts edges of curly, coily and wavy Latino hair textures. Tight taper lines boost volume on top for bold Latino style.

Key Characteristics:

  • Precisely cut Latino hair
  • Faded sides support full top
  • Enhances natural volume
  • Exposes hairline and nape
  • Celebrates Latin culture

37. Straight Hair Blowout Taper

Straight Hair Blowout Taper
Source: @emanspecials via Insta

This pairs straight fine hair with a dramatic fade. Tapering back sides maintains volume on top for height and flow. Precision crisp hairlines play up the contrast for maximum style impact.

Key Characteristics:

  • Spotlights fine straight hair
  • Emphasizes natural volume
  • Exposed perimeter lines
  • High contrast textured combo
  • Striking style statement

38. Taper edgar cut

Mid Taper Edgar Cut
Source: @kevin__blendz via Insta

The tapered Edgar cut makes a bold style statement that still suits professional settings. This high-contrast look pairs longer hair on top with a dramatic high taper fade starting midway up the sides.

Key Characteristics:

  • High taper starts halfway up head
  • Longer fringe/bangs on top
  • Very short back and sides
  • Accentuates top volume
  • Sharp angled fringe finish

Edgar cut is an eye-catching modern cut works best with straight, thick or wavy hair textures wanting flexibility for height and flow. The longer locks on top allow you to brush the fringe down across the forehead or style up for extra volume.

The Difference Between a Taper and Fade

While the words taper and fade are sometimes used interchangeably when referring to very short sides, a real taper blends hair smoothly while a fade aggressively changes hair lengths through clipper lever adjustments.

The main differences include:

  • Fades use clipper levers to change hair lengths rapidly and create a drastic “drop” down to the skin as hair progresses lower on the head. This makes high-contrast lines.
  • Tapers blend hair lengths gradually through the sides/back without leaving hard lines. The shorter layers blend smoothly into longer layers for a seamless change.
  • Fades can be very short (bald, high skin fades) while tapers provide more flexibility in side length depending on personal taste.

So in summary – fades are more drastic/harsh changes between hair lengths while tapers are more gradual and understated.

How to Get a Taper Haircut

Getting the perfect taper haircut relies first on finding a skilled barber, effectively communicating what you want, then properly maintaining it. Let’s explore the process:

Finding a Skilled Barber

Not every barber or stylist has mastered the art of the taper cut, so doing some research is wise. Look for the following qualities:

  • Strong portfolio of taper and fade haircuts
  • Precise with clippers to perfect the smooth blend
  • Listens well to translate desires to the actual cut
  • Confident working creatively around the ears/neckline
  • Passionate about the art of barbering

By vetting barbers and reading reviews, you can find the perfect fit for your style goals with the taper cut.

Communicating Your Desired Taper Haircut Style

To get the exact taper haircut you envision, communication with your barber is key. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Where you want the fade to start/stop on the sides to direct the taper length
  • How tightly you want the sides and back trimmed to influence taper tightness
  • Any asymmetry between sides you prefer in the design
  • If you want the neckline cleaned up or tapered as well
  • How much length to leave on top and how you part hair
  • If you want the top blended with sides or slightly disconnected

Having photos to illustrate the finish you want makes directing the barber even easier. Discuss it until you know you’re both visualized the same final style.

Maintaining the Taper Haircut at Home

While your barber will perform the initial taper cut, maintaining it week-to-week requires some home care too:

  • Use quality hair clippers to carefully trim new growth around sides/back preserving the taper
  • Use a guarded clipper, starting longer then going shorter, to blend new hair into old length
  • Only take a little off at a time, never cutting into your previous haircut length
  • Use a hand mirror to check behind your head to perfect the back/sides

Proper at home maintenance between cuts will keep your style looking fresh. Visit your barber every 2-3 weeks for a professional tune-up.

How to Style a Taper Haircut

The taper haircut offers versatility in styling options. Here are some top examples:

The Quiff

The quiff taper
Source: @nunez.the.barber via Insta

A quiff paired with tapered sides is a handsome combo. This classic style sweeps hair upward and away from the face, adding nice height. Use a quality pomade or wax to achieve the lifted texture.

The Pompadour

Pompadour taper cut
Source: @kool_kuts_for_men via Insta

Guys with longer hair on top can style a pompadour with ease. This retro style features voluminous lift up front that tapers into shorter sides. Apply mousse on damp hair then blow dry while brushing the roots up. Finish with a bit of high shine pomade.

The Comb Over

The Comb Over taper
Source: @jimmy_cuts_ via Insta

For gentlemen wanting an elegant side part, comb over styling looks refined with a taper cut. Choose either a deep side part or a textured comb over fade. The taper supports and complements both choices.

The Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk taper
Source: @cheobarberpr via Insta

Spice up your taper with a faux hawk. This rock and roll inspired shape mimics a mohawk without fully shaving the sides. Instead, spike longer hair up the middle while leveraging your medium to high taper fade to sculpt it.

There are even more trendy or classic options like the crew cut, buzz cut, brush up, fringe, slick back, crop, quiff, french crop…the list goes on.

Bottom line – the taper cut creates the perfect canvas to style hair in whichever direction suits you best. Go classic or modern – both benefit from tapered sides.

Best Ways to Maintain a Taper Haircut

Preserving and enhancing your fresh taper style between barbershop visits boils down to two key maintenance activities:

Trim New Growth

Letting hair grow free along the tapered sides starts masking their short lengths after just 1-2 weeks. Neatening up growth preserves the taper shape. Identify where the longer top hair meets the shorter sides, then trim just the new growth along that perimeter on the sides/back. Carefully clip every few days to retain the faded look.

Support Styling

Hairstyles like a comb over, pompadour, brush up, etc rely on leverage from the taper haircut foundation. When unruly growth appear, it interrupts the styling, so don’t let more than 1⁄4 inch accumulate. Tame new sprouts with a tiny bit of pomade as they grow out. Light hold styling creams make it easy to retain the style’s shape.

Sticking to this simple routine minimizes awkward grow out phases. Plan to reunite with your barber every 2-3 weeks to restore it to its full glory.

Tips for Keeping a Taper Haircut Looking Fresh

Besides minding your growth management, a few other habits promote taper freshness between cuts:

  • Shampoo less frequently like a few times a week max to avoid drying hair and skin
  • Rinse with cold water to increase shine, reduce frizz, and tighten cuticles
  • Massage scalp when washing to increase blood flow and promote growth
  • Use conditioner from ears down only when hair feeling dry or damaged
  • Let hair air dry naturally instead of using heat tools daily

A little tapered hair TLC goes a long way!

Finding the Right Taper Haircut for Your Face Shape

Choosing taper variations that complement your facial structure makes all the difference in maximizing attractiveness.

Best Taper Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

Taper fade for round face
Source: @pinterest

A round face can handle featuring the temples more with a high bald fade, razor line designs, or crisp hard parts. Angular features contrast soft cheeks for balance. Sweeping longer hair forwards instead of back opens up facial space nicely.

Best Taper Haircuts for Oval Face Shapes

Taper Haircuts for Oval Face Shapes
Source: @pauljonesofficial via pinterest

The oval shape accommodates most tapers nicely. Aim for styles with medium to longer hair on top since narrowing cheekbones economically frame the face already. Styling volume on top prevents appearing too vertical or thin. Keep both cheeks exposed as well.

Best Taper Haircuts for Square Face Shapes

Taper Haircuts for Square Face Shapes
Source: pinterest via Insta

Square jaws call for low to mid fade tapers that don’t overemphasize the sharp edges. Opt for side parts, volume going up/backwards to soften the boxiness. Letting hair graze over the forehead and temples adds dimension that slenderizes too. Short sides should finish above the ear lobe line.

In addition, factoring in other attributes like natural hair texture (curly, thick, fine…), personal style, lifestyle, and objectives helps determine the best taper style fit as well. Discuss these elements in depth when consulting your barber.

Who Looks Good with a Taper Haircut

When deciding if a taper cut pairs well for you, consider these factors:

Head Shape

  • Oval and rectangular head shapes cater to a taper cut most naturally. Very wide or narrow skulls may need adjusted proportions.

Hair Type

  • All hair types work – straight, wavy, coily, thick, fine, etc. Simply adjust the tightness/looseness of the fade.

Hair Density

  • Guys with thinning hair actually do well minimizing scalp exposure with a closer taper versus longer sides which tend to accentuate the thinning.

Age Range

  • Taper cuts transcend age unlike some trendier styles. They look great on teenagers, 20-somethings, middle age gents, and older men alike.

At the end of the day – taper haircuts are so diverse they can be tailored to suit almost all guys well. It’s simply a matter of customizing the details.

Celebrities Who Rock Taper Haircuts

Looking at celebrities can provide inspiration on new taper variations to try:

David Beckham likes an undercut taper with longer slicked back top and manicured beard.

undercut taper
Source: via pinterest

Justin Timberlake rocks a curly mid bald fade taper with defined side part.

Source: @degazette via pinterest

LeBron James pairs a line up with his temple fade for precision.

Source @lebronjames via pinterest

Chris Hemsworth goes for a textured crop paired with stubbled jawline to play up masculinity.

Source: @yourmom via pinterest

Brad Pitt has favored a messy comb over taper in recent years with salt and pepper scruff.

Source via pinterest

Michael B. Jordan alternates between a temp fade and afro taper for versatility.

Source via pinterest

As we can see, stars leverage the taper cut then tailor and embellish it distinctively. Use what flatters your features best then make it your own.

FAQs About Taper Haircuts

Still have some questions? Here we tackle the taper topics men ask about most frequently:

How Often Does a Taper cut Need to Be Maintained?

Every 2-3 weeks is optimal to keep your haircut’s shape intact. Bookstand appointments with your barber to trim new growth and sharpen edges before it gets unruly. Mini trims using quality clippers at home prolong its longevity a bit too.

High Taper vs Low Taper – Which One Suits Your Style?

High tapers draw attention up with a bold, modern look since more scalp shows. Low tapers provide flexibility for styling parts, volume, and lift with more side hair. Choose taper height based on your hair goals, facial features, and personal taste.

What Are the Advantages of a Taper cut?

Taper cuts offer:

  • Flexibility in styling choices from edgy to classic
  • Clean, sharp lines with lots of character
  • Contouring effect that spotlights facial structure
  • Less maintenance than longer cuts
  • Customization around personal style and features

What Face Shapes Work Best with a Taper cut?

Oval and rectangular face shapes tend to be most complementary. Round faces can choose more aggressive fades while square faces should opt for conservative side length. Discuss best taper variations for your skull shape when consulting your barber.

How Often Do You Need To Get a Taper cut Maintained?

Every 2-3 weeks is best for keeping a fresh taper cut. This allows getting rid of scruffy regrowth before it alters the style’s shape. Some guys stretch it to 4 weeks max, but it risks losing crispness. Schedule regular barbershop tune ups.

What Products Work Best for Styling a Taper?

Waxes, pomades, or gels with varying strength are great for molding taper cuts. The styling choice depends on your desired height, movement, and finish – matte to high shine. Apply product to dry hair in palm of hand then distribute evenly from roots to tips. Reapply as needed.

We hope this guide covered all you need to know about finding your perfect taper hairstyle match! From cut options to styling to ideal face shapes – you have the keys to taper success. Now all that’s left is connecting with an experienced barber and communicating exactly what taper style expresses your essence best. Enjoy the sharp, modern look that a taper fade offers.

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