Low Taper Fade Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2024

low taper fade curly hair

The low taper fade haircut is one of the hottest modern hairstyles for men with curly hair in 2024. This fade haircut is specifically designed to complement and enhance natural curls, allowing your texture to shine while keeping the sides and back neat and tight.

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In this article, we’ll go over what a low taper fade for curly hair is, the many style variations you can try, tips for making your curls pop, and how to maintain this cut. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to get and style the perfect taper fade that suits your curl type and personal style.

What is a Low Taper Fade for Curly Hair?

A taper fade haircut is a gradual, smooth transition between longer hair on top and closely trimmed hair on the back and sides. It creates dimension and contrast, allowing the texture on top to take center stage.

The “low” taper fade means the transition starts very low, just above the ear with hair clipped close to the skin. It then gradually tapers up to the longer curls on top in a diagonal line. This nicely showcases curl definition

while keeping sides neat.

A low taper fade also puts focus on your face without exposing the scalp too much. For men with curly hair, a low taper fade is an excellent choice to manage thick hair while allowing curls to shine. The taper preserves length on top for twist outs, fros, and curl definition.

41 Best Low Taper Fade curly Haircuts for Men

There are many cool variations of the curly low taper fade to suit different hair lengths, volumes, and personality. Here are over 50 trending ideas to inspire your next cut!

1. Low Taper Fade Curly

Source: @twisthebarber via Insta

The low taper fade is the most popular curly fade style. It provides pleasing contrast by blending the hair lower on the sides and back while allowing the top length to stand out. Ask your barber for a short fade, around a #1 or #2 clipper length to start the taper. Finish with crisp edges for a well-groomed style. This classic taper suits all face shapes. For added interest, consider a hard side part or unique hairline shape.

2. Curly Mid Taper Fade

Source: @rigothebarber_ via Insta

The mid taper fade begins slightly higher than the low taper, blending curly hair at the temples and upper sides. This leaves some length lower on the head to support weight if your curls are especially thick. Mid curly tapers create more of a ballooning effect on top to maximize the fro. Keep the edges clean and finish with curved shape-up lining for bold definition. This style looks great with both long and short curly hair.

3. Tight Curls Low Taper Fade

Source: @freshfades604 via Insta

Guys with tight zig-zag curls can rock a low taper fade well. The high contrast showcases 3D curl formation springing from the scalp while tightly cropped sides don’t compete. Ask for a bald fade on the lower edges to sharpen the look. Finish with a crisp edge up and rounded hairline to complement small tight curls. This modern yet retro style embodies old school barbershop sophistication.

4. Taper Fade Curly Line Up

Source: @sagethebarber868 via Insta

Adding a straight-line edge to your curly taper fade amps up the precision. The perfect squares and angles counterbalance the organic curl shapes with straight-line geometry. Ask your barber for a taper with a sharp lower edge, careful bald fade, and meticulously cut flat line angling back from the temples. This intricacy takes patience and skill. But the result is a living line-work hair tattoo.

5. Temple Fade Top

Source: @love_hairstyles via Pinterest

For curly hair cropped very close on the sides, consider a temple fade. This taper starts very high on the head, blending and fading hair diagonally down from the part line in front of the ear to longer hair behind it. Temple fades on curly hair remove bulk while keeping a fuller top. Make sure your barber textures the longer section so it doesn’t appear too heavy. Finish with a curved edge along the hairline.

6. Burst Fade Curly Graffiti Design

Source: @menshairstylesnow via Pinterest

The burst fade offers a colorful twist by shaving graphic lines and shapes into a short fade around longer curly hair. It provides the perfect canvas for a graffiti hair design. Consider concentric curves, zig-zags, stars or your own personal emblem etched into the fade. Finish with sharp geometric patterns for an avant garde modern look. This fade hair art style takes confidence to pull off – but makes a bold artistic statement.

7. Afro Curls Taper Fade

Source: @brads.barbers via Insta

Gents rocking a full curly Afro can incorporate a taper fade for a stylish touch. Ask your barber for a very low bald fade that hugs the hairline and neatly frames the spherical fro shape. Keep the line up rounded or soft square to complement full curls. Use moisturizing products like leave-in conditioner and curl cream focused only from mid-length down on the tapered sides. Let your fro shine!

8. Undercut Low Taper Curly

Source: @302barber via Insta

The undercut fade takes the low taper up a notch by shaving the bottom portion of hair down to the skin, completely disconnecting it from longer hair above. This makes curly hair on top appear even fuller by removing excessive bulk below. Undercuts show off curl definition around the sides as hair springs out sharply from skin. The contour contrasts with the fade tapering into longer hair.

9. Curly Mid Drop Fade

Source: @glorified_cutz via Insta

The drop fade creates intriguing concave shape as hair suddenly “drops” lower behind the ear before tapering diagonally back up. This suits curly hair well, allowing length on top to cascade over the deeper dropped section behind the ear. Keep the line geometric with sharp points on the edges and nape for unexpected directional flow. Sponging the fade will blend sections seamlessly.

10. High Taper Fade Curly

Source: @kallyplkoyama via Pinterest

A high taper fade begins blending hair down from the upper sides, crown and nape – leaving full thickness below. This removes bulk while allowing curly length on top to extend down the sides slightly before sharply tapering off for a voluminous halo effect. The key is keeping edges super crisp. Follow your curl pattern when cutting the fade guide lines before trimming sides down close with clippers.

11. Curly Top Thick Hair Fade

Source: @hairnowny via Insta

Men with especially dense, thick curly hair tend to go shorter on the sides with a high bald fade. This relieves weight so the section on top can achieve greater height. Thick curly tapers work best cut very short on bottom, skin fading up into longer hair sheered into the interior layers only. Remove any straggling pieces around the hairline and taper for a clean look.

12. Curly Volume Taper Fade

Source: @freshfades604 via Insta

A temple fade (featuring Super Curly hair) provides pleasing volume and shape. The blend starts very high so all bulk on the sides is removed to allow the top curly section absolute freedom. Keep the line up soft and natural to complement springy curls. Use volumizing mousse and a pick to tease curly hair upward off the fade for a perfectly imperfect touchable textured style.

13. Ponytail Curly Taper Fade

Source: @traditionsbarberparlor2 via Insta

Men with longer curly hair can incorporate a low taper fade while pulling curls up into a curly ponytail. This allows for a textured, layered look that keeps free-flowing locks out of the face. Ask your stylist for interior layering and light thinning around the perimeter to remove bulk so curls cascade nicely. Contrast the sleek tail with a faded under section and line-up.

14. Low Taper Curly Haircut

Source: @menshairstylesnow via Pinterest

A standard low curly taper using clippers will blend the sides smoothly into longer curls on top. For added polish, have your barber shear the finished edges with curved scissors. This creates broken lines for a softer, more blended look than the harshness of clippers. The result is a classy refined style perfect for both casual and professional settings.

15. Blonde High Fade Curly

Source: @jesus_barber0405 via Insta

Lighter blond curls with a high skin fade make an eye-catching style statement. To keep the look distinct, avoid going too short on top. Around 3 inches of curly length with internal layering will show off texture without exposing the scalp beneath. Taper the sides very high and tight for maximum contrast against smooth blonde waves. Finish with a line-up following the curve of the hair growth pattern.

16. Short Curly Taper Fade Haircut

Source: @evelinas_barbershop via Insta

The simplicity of shorter curls with a standard taper cut works well for easy summer style. Approximately 2 inches of length on top will naturally achieve fullness and allows curls to take shape. Have your barber taper the back and sides fairly low with a #2 clipper length for base contrast. Keep the hairline natural to showcase curl formation springing from the hairline.

17. Big Curls Taper Fade

Source: @sami2fresh via Insta

Larger loose spiral curls look great with a low taper fade. The goal is creating pieces full of movement. Ask your stylist for long layers, internal thinning and stacked slicing technique to encourage flowing ribbon curls. Taper the sides low with a bald fade look to keep edges clean. Finger twist any tight sections on top for loose uniformity.

18. Classic Curly Low Taper Fade

Source: @menshairtrends via Pinterest

This vintage style features a standard low taper cut with roughly 1-2 inches of curly length on top. Heavily apply pomade for glossy defined curls and side part precision. Use a comb to lift and sweep back the front. Finish by lightly brushing the area where the taper meets longer hair to blend. This classy yet-casual look nods to old-school barbershop sophistication.

19. Low Taper Fade Long Curly Hair

Source: @stephblurry via Insta

Long curly locks extending 8 inches or longer gain versatility from incorporating a low taper fade. Remove heavy bulk on the underside and back for weight relief and comfort, tapering up into flowing lengths. Layers and point cutting remove further mass. This allows the glorious crown of curls on top absolute freedom while streamlining total style.

20. Blowout Curly Low Taper Fade

Source: @emory3j via Pinterest

A taper pairs perfectly with big, blown-out curly volume. Direct air flow upward while diffusing for extreme height and movement. Styling products like mousse boost body. Contrast broken curl shapes against the tight fade. Ask your barber to thin and texturize the interior top section for further fullness. This gravitational style defies gravity.

21. Hispanic Curly Low Taper Fade

Source: @noelblends via Insta

Hispanic gents can embrace their glorious textured waves with this simple style. Ask for a low fade tapering up into to longer dark curly locks with stacked layers for flowy movement. This showcases Latin curls while keeping the shape polished. For added edge, complement the taper fade with a well-groomed beard. Finish with enhance natural hairline shape.

22. Low Taper Fade Curly Black

Source: @the_real_eloyblends via Insta

This is a sharp look for black men with dark curly hair wanting to rock a fro or blown-out curl shape. The key lies in asking your barber for a very low bald fade and intentional disconnection between the curly lengths on top and skin-tight sides. This builds in support for achieving height and shows off curly texture with skin contrast.

23. Low Taper Fade Curly Mohawk

Source: @pabloblendzzz via Insta

For an edgy style, get longer curly hair on top with an extreme side-to-side taper creating a faux hawk shape. Texture the strip of hair down the middle for definition after shaving the sides down to skin. Use twisting gel or curl cream to encourage curls upward into a gravity defying shape. Keep your beard full or rock a goatee to complement this punk rock curly taper.

24. Fringe Curly Low Taper Fade

Source: @z_ramsey via Insta

Bangs and fringe provide an intriguing complement to a low curly taper fade. The key is keeping thick fringe trimmed above brow-line for visibility. Texturize the interior fringe layers deeply so curls cascade over the fade elegantly. This allows twin waterfalls flowing off a sharp cliff edge. Keep forehead curls pulled across for added asymmetry.

25. Tight Curls with Taper Fade

Source: @204jlouis via Insta

Men with very tight, kinky curls can allow their texture to take center stage with a simple low taper fade. Shave down the back and sides down with a #1 guard. Hand work the edges for crisp perfection. This puts all focus on small dense curls at the crown as hair projects out from the scalp sharply. Embrace natural beauty.

26. Messy Top Curly Taper Fade

Source: @blackwater_barber via Insta

Purposeful uneven texture on top contrasts pleasingly with an meticulous taper fade. Ask your stylist to point cut curled pieces in no uniform direction for an artfully disheveled appearance. Accentuate the messiness with height and fingers raked through for separation. Crisp lower sides provide pleasing juxtaposition again the chaos.

27. Mullet Curly Low Taper Fade

Source: @hillooo_beauty_center via Insta

The modern curly mullet gets refinement with a tight low fade tapering up into flowing length. Thin and layer the interior top and sides heavily allowing curls to cascade down past the nape softly like a waterfall. Ask for short sideburns to finish framing the face before tailoring and tapering off color lower down behind the ear.

28. Taper Fade Line Designs Curly

Source: @yan.thebarber via Insta

Spice up your curly taper with intricate lines etched into the fade. Consider using curved shapes, unique angles, star points or other symbols to make a personalized artistic statement. Contrast graphics against curly hair creates intriguing negative spaces between the shapes. This requires great precision – but delivers big artistic impact.

29. Side Burn with Low Taper Fade Curly

Source: @masbritish via Insta

Thick sideburns with hard lines provide strong framing for face paired with a curly fade cut. Taper hair closely around the hairline before allowing rugged sideburns to flow back freely. Keep beard scruff heavy to accentuate the burn lines marching back diagonally. This creates an arresting facial focal point leading eyes inward.

30. Fluffy Low Taper Fade

Source: @aboarbaabarber via Insta

Guys with naturally bouffant curly hair can allow their full texture to thrive with a simple low taper fade. Remove bulk on the sides and back via close taper to support extreme height on top. Point cut curly layers in no uniform direction for added volume. Air dry thoroughly then gently pick hair outward from part line for gravity-defying height.

31. Modern Curly Taper with Shadow Fade

Source: @modernfreshfades via Insta

This style features longer curly bangs swept forward over one eye contrasting a shadow fade – with a tight bald fade only in the area behind the ear exposed by parting hair. The rest remains disconnected to support curl length. Use a pick to tease volume into the crown. Finish by lightly holding the fade area beneath with spray wax for subtle shine.

32. Curly Top Knot with Taper Fade

Source: @j.cuts831 via Insta

Incorporate hair art detail with this style featuring a high samurai-style top knot paired with a short taper fade. Sleek back longer curly bangs into a straight pony, then wrap into graceful knot. Contrast tightness on the sides via precise bald fade and line design shaping the hairline. This unexpected elegant combo provides visual intrigue from every angle.

33. Long Curly Taper Fade

Source: @dukexduke via Pinterest

Gents with longer curly locks can incorporate a subtle taper fade for streamlined style. Ask your barber to texture the heavy 8-inch lengths on top via point cutting, razored layers and interior thinning. Taper back and sides closely, following natural growth pattern to prevent losing length. This showcases flowing curls while removing unwanted bulk below shoulder line.

34. Messy Curls Mid Drop Taper Fade

Source: @ej.stylez via Insta

This unexpected shape features longer messy curls on top styled up and out playfully. Then hair drops sharply behind the ears into to a deep concave drop fade cut very short with clippers. Finish the look with a hard side part. The key is contrasting textures – perfectly imperfect chaos cascading over an architectural fade shape.

35. Buzz Cut Taper Fade Curly

Source: @omarabdallahsalon via Insta

Some curly guys go super short for low maintenance. Start with a number one clipper buzz cut on top between 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Remove all bulk so tight uniform curls can take shape as hair grows out. Crisply taper back and sides down to the skin for high contrast buzz cut texture meeting smooth skin. Stay bearded for added interest.

36. Texture Curly Taper Fade

Source: @savagehairproblems via Insta

This style relies on expert scissor work to remove bulk while encouraging ragged curls popping out wildly. Interior point cutting slices hair in different directions so pieces stick out randomly. Undercutting the lower portion disconnects heavy sides for gravity defiance. Finish with texturizing product raked through for separation.

37. Thick High Volume Curly Taper Fade

Source: @fadedbyeddie via Insta

Gents with seriously thick, dense curls can achieve awesome height with this gravity-defying look. Ask for very short tapered sides to remove bulk, disconnection under section entirely. Tease top hair aggressively with pick comb for extreme volume. Set lift with strong holding spray. Embrace the triangular simplicity of sky-high curly volume.

38. Slick Curly Taper Fade

Source: @alanblendzz via Insta

Channel vintage class with slicked back curls contrasting a sharp low taper fade. Even tightly coiled ringlets can achieve sleek flow pulled straight back under a thick coating of pomade. Ask your barber to comb and set side part lines with precision for mirror-like polish. This smooth yet textured throwback style means business.

39. Taper Fade Curly Edgar Cut

Source: @majorleague.barbers via Insta

The Edgar modern mullet haircut gets amplification with curly texture and taper fade. Thin and feather bangs sweeping across the forehead for translucency. Incorporate layers throughout longer top hair to encourage flow. Fade back and sides super short to fake an undercut shape that elongates curls cascading down the neckline.

40. Bowl Cut Curly Taper Fade

Source: @ethanmatthewhair via Insta

This blunt cut with full rounded fringe takes inspiration from the classic bowl style. Cut curly bangs thick and straight across brow line for a heavy curved shelf effect. Taper back/sides super tight for weight relief allowing extreme curl definition to take over the crown. Finger style texture into formation. Cool geometric simplicity.

41. Curly Low Taper Bald Fade

Source: @menshairtips via Pinterest

A skin bald fade provides high contrast for curly hair left longer on top. Using clippers, shave the sides, back and edges down to completely smooth skin before gradually fading up into the textured curls above. This removes all bulk around the hairline for gravity-defying lift. Ask for a precise crisp hairline to finish this polished yet artistic style.

Benefits of a Low Taper Fade for Curly Hair

There are many advantages that a properly executed low taper fade offers men with naturally curly locks:

  • Showcases Curl Definition and Volume – With bulk removed from the sides and back, all the attention shifts to your glorious curls on top. The contrast highlights definition.
  • Easy Maintenance – Tight sides grow out neatly and can go 4-6 weeks between cuts. Frequent barber visits aren’t needed to maintain a crisp taper.
  • Face Framing – A clean taper with line up focuses eyes on your best features. This opens up and slims the face shape.
  • Clean and Classic Style – Curly tapers ooze vintage barbershop style. It’s a emblem of the craft with roots in African American culture.
  • Versatility – Low curly tapers allow many styling options on top from fros to twist outs. Change up styles without losing the taper.
  • Professionalism – Part of maintaining a stylish, put-together aesthetic for work calls for groomed sides. The low taper fade keeps curly hair work-appropriate.

How to Style a Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Styling and caring for curls paired with a low taper fade involves focusing products and technique to the longer section on top. Here are some tips:

  • Wash and Condition – Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for curly hair. Thoroughly rinse.
  • Apply Leave-in Conditioner – Work a quarter-sized amount of leave-in conditioner thoroughly from roots to ends. This protects curls and prevents frizz.
  • Let Air Dry – Allow curls to naturally dry to enhance texture and volume. Just shake to break up sections as needed.
  • Curl Defining Products – Work a pea-sized amount of curl cream or mousse specifically designed for curly hair through strands. Scrunch up toward scalp.
  • Diffuse or Air Dry – Either sit under a hooded dryer with diffuser attachment to encourage bounce or finish air drying sections. Don’t touch or disturb curls until fully dry.
  • Set the Part – Use a wide-tooth comb to create a clean side part.
  • Lock in Moisture – Rub a few drops of hair oil between palms and scrunch over curls to increase shine and softness. Be careful not to over-oil.
  • Style as Desired – Finger style curls into place or leave them natural. Enjoy your fresh low taper fade!


Is a low taper fade good for curly hair?

Yes, a properly executed low taper fade haircut is excellent for curly hair. It allows the glorious texture on top to take center stage while tightly cropped sides keep everything neat and shaped. Low fades also don’t expose the scalp as much as high fades, making it perfect for curly hair of all lengths.

What hair length is best for a low taper fade curly style?

The beauty of the curly low taper fade is it works with curl lengths from short to very long. Most men grow the curls on top between 2 to 5 inches for the taper effect. Extra long curly hair over 5 inches can also look great, but be sure your stylist textures and layers the length on top appropriately so it doesn’t appear too heavy.

How often do you need to get a low taper fade trimmed for curly hair?

In general, plan to see your barber and get a trim every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the low taper fade edges crisp. Curly hair grows out fuller on the sides faster than straight hair. Any longer than 6 weeks and your fade precision will blur. Those with fast growing hair may need trims every 3 to 4 weeks for the cleanest look. Be sure to also condition between cuts to retain length on top.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about styling killer low taper fades with curly hair in 2024! Take these tips to your favorite barbershop to discuss the best taper variations and products for your curl pattern and lifestyle. Once you get the shape down, have fun styling your textured top to show off each day.

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