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Low Taper Fade Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Low Taper Fade Haircut

What is a low taper fade haircut?

A low taper fade haircut is a popular men’s style where the hair is cut short near the neck and gradually fades up to longer hair on top. This graduated look creates a nice mix of textures. This haircut works well with many styles, like a pompadour, comb over, quiff, slick back, faux hawk or messy look. It also complements different face shapes.

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49 Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

When it comes to men’s haircut styles, the low taper fade has versatility. Here are some of the best low taper fade haircuts for men:

1. Low Taper Bowl Cut

Low Taper Bowl Cut
Source: @francescovigliottihair via Insta

The low taper bowl cut is a stylish, modern take on the classic bowl cut style. It features a rounded shape on top with tight sides and back that are tapered down to the skin. This creates contrast between the volume on top and the sleek sides. It’s a high-fashion yet wearable look for the guy who wants an edgy cropped cut.

2. Short afro with low taper fade

Short afro with low taper fade
Source: @iamjoshvaughn via Insta

Pairing a short afro with a low taper fade blends vintage allure with contemporary edge. It’s an eye-catching combo that flatters natural textures. The shaped afro dome sets off the faded sides beautifully. Keep the top a bit longer and style up and outwards for movement and flow.

3. Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair
Source: @chop.barber_ via Insta

For gents with naturally curly locks, a low taper fade effortlessly enhances and sculpts coils and curls. The gradual shorter lengths on the back and sides complement textured hair while introducing nape exposure. Finger-style the top section for rounded volume and definition.

4. Low taper fade wavy

Low taper fade wavy
Source: @ej.stylez via Insta

Wavy hair types gain flexible styling and polished refinement with a low taper fade. The taper supports the organic surfer flow of waves while transforming messy into managed. For beachy texture, allow waves to cascade over the forehead. Or sweep waves upwards off the face revealing the fade.

5. Comb over low taper

Comb over low taper
Source: @joseacruz via Insta

The comb over low taper makes first impressions with its texture, movement and angle. It’s a look with attitude for the trend-focused guy. Let longer pieces fall towards one eye over a strongly tapered side part. Use a matte finish pomade to separate and lift the fronts.

6. Low Taper Fade with Beard

Low Taper Fade with Beard
Source: @barber.stern via Insta

Coupling a meticulous low taper fade with facial hair injects rugged yet refined edge into this hot style. The interplay between the trimmed beard and exposed fade makes a lasting impact. Ask for a sharp hair part and comb beard hair towards the chin to balance facial features.

7. Low Taper Square Top

Low Taper Square Top
Source: @menshairtoday via Pinterest

Structured appeal meets strength in the square cut low taper. It accentuates masculine jawlines with its boxier shape. The brick-like outline on top calls attention to the radical taper below that strips down to skin. For added edge, incorporate a side part or asymmetrical part.

8. Low Taper Fade Modern

Low Taper Fade Modern
Source: @modernfreshfades via Insta

The modern low taper fade remains a fashion-forward go-to for gents wanting a contemporary look. The graduated taper and thinner edges keep it relevant while the longer layer on top brings substance. Style with height and lift using a matte styling balm. Finish with your favorite hair accessory.

9. Low taper fade design

Low taper fade design
Source: @rehan.blendz via Insta

Customize the low taper fade and make it your own with a decorative design. Etched graphics, symbols, logos and more amp up interest when introduced into the fade. Cornrow designs sweeping from the temple across the taper maintain a streamlined shape. While geometric patterns etched into the tapered nape surprise.

10. Faded Short Fringe Low Taper

Faded Short Fringe Low Taper
Source: @menhaircuts via Insta

The faded short fringe low taper plays with levels and dimensions for high-voltage results. The sheer fringe beckons eyes to the face as chopped layers lend immediacy. Sculpt fringe pieces wispy and piecy to increase dynamism. The clean fade supplies modern balance against the exaggerated fringe.

11. Messy Low taper

Messy Low taper
Source: @macheohill via Insta

The messy low taper offers undone, surfer-inspired texture with its choppy layers and piecey fringe. The messy crown influences hair to fall every which way for ocean-swept nonchalance. Height at the front pumps up the volume and showcases untamed strands. Keep sides clean with a closely tapered nape and temples.

12. Crew cut with low taper

Crew cut with low taper
Source: @barber__chan via Insta

The quintessential crew cut gets a modern refresh with the addition of a low taper fade. This classic men’s cut features hair clipped ultra-short on top with subtly longer fringe. Coupling it with a tapered back and sides supplies contemporary edge and versatility. For added dimension, incorporate a part or brush hair forwards.

13. Low Taper Fade Black Man

Low Taper Fade Black Man
Source: @lexthabarber415 via Insta

On black men, the low taper fade supplies a cool streamlined shape that spotlights natural waves and curls. The look makes the most of kinky, coily hair textures with its contoured silhouette. Height on top contrasts sublimely with the clipped, tapered sides. Finish the style by enhancing shine and moisture.

14. Low Taper Classic cut

Low Taper Classic cut
Source: @mitchellcuts_19 via Insta

Gents seeking an eternally stylish look need to try the low taper classic cut. It embodies timeless flair with its side-swept volume and refined tapered edges. The rounded contour exposes the nape subtly while the fullness up top provides balance. Style with a side part and light hold pomade for a dapper effect.

15. Taper Fade with Curls

Taper Fade with Curls
Source: @freshfades604 via Insta

Natural curls gain freedom and flow when shaped by a meticulous taper fade. The contoured sides allow springy ringlets to take center stage. Avoid going too short on top – length is necessary for the curls to curl. Twist haphazard curls into place or scrunch with product for definition.

16. Low Taper Fade with Slick Back

Low Taper Fade with Slick Back
Source: @gentsofmelbourne via Insta

Exude confidence and charisma with the low taper fade slick back. This bad boy style makes a lasting impact with its rebellious vibe and attention-getting silhouette. Generously apply high-shine pomade and comb all hair severely backwards off the face. Finish with a buff of the temples and nape.

17. Low Skin Fade Taper

Low Skin Fade Taper
Source: @beautybybamb via Insta

For a bold, eye-catching look, request a low skin fade taper. This very short, highly precise taper graduates down to totally bare skin across the sides and nape. Skin exposure ultimately enhances texture and emphasizes negative space between longer hair on top and shorn sides.

18. Low taper fade Quiff

Low taper fade Quiff
Source: @kenny_the_tonsorial_artist via Insta

The voluminous quiff receives a polish boost from the low taper fade. This sassy style plays with extremes – combining a prominent puffy crest with closely cropped back and sides. Pump up the height and movement of the quiff using a blow dryer and round brush. Set with medium hold styling balm.

19. Bun low taper fade

Bun low taper fade
Source: @brothers.salon via Insta

The man bun tailors beautifully to the taper fade shape, allowing longer hair to be styled smoothly up while keeping sides short. Accentuate the vertical line of the bun with a sharp side part. Concentrate any wispy strands into the gathered knot of hair, leaving the fade clean beneath.

20. Long Hair with Low Taper Fade

Long Hair with Low Taper Fade
Source: @lamodastyle via Insta

Gents blessed with longer locks can embrace controlled edge with the incorporation of a low taper fade. This custom cut supports headbanging manes and curly manes while introducing nape exposure and negative space. Ask for textured and shattered ends to encourage flow and natural movement.

21. Temple Low Taper Fade

Temple Low Taper Fade
Source: @shawnv0ng via Insta

Drawing attention to the temples, this dramatic fade starts high and tight, showcasing the curve of the head. The temple fade is taken close with a clipper before tapering down gradually. Thick texture on top contrasts beautifully with the bare sides, which can be enhanced with a hard side part.

22. Afro Low taper fade

Afro Low taper fade
Source: @greymatterla via Insta

The fro hawk adapts wonderfully to the low taper fade, allowing tightly-coiled afro texture freedom while keeping the silhouette neat. Gradually taper the nape and edges down close for negative space against the rounded dome of the fro. Let the crisply shaped ‘hawk volume provide some edge and height up top.

23. Messy Texture Low Faded Taper Cut

Messy Texture Low Faded Taper Cut
Source: @ehab_the_hairologist via Insta

Trending messy styles gain polish and edge with the addition of a tapered back and sides. Whether hair is straight, curly or thick, allowing it to fall naturally then fading the perimeter creates a nonchalant vibe. Fingers style and ruffle the textured top while keeping sides tapered close.

24. Mullet low taper fade

Mullet low taper fade
Source: @barberfirmat via Insta

Business up front, party at the back – the mullet sets the tone with its rebellious spirit and contrasting lengths. The short tapered back and sides boost definition while concentrating fuller length through the crown and sides. Let longest locks graze the collar for contemporary rock flair.

25. Low taper Undercut fade

Low taper Undercut fade
Source: @luisbarber25 via Insta

The undercut fade takes the undercut to the next level, pairing longer hair on top with tapered ultrashort sides and nape. Cropped sides help achieve maximum height and movement in the longer top section. Define the part line by tapering it slightly into longer hair for accentuation.

26. Low Fade Taper Pompadour

Low Fade Taper Pompadour
Source: @adrianbarron__ via Insta

This rock ‘n’ roll retro style sees a volume boost and clean finish from the precision low taper fade. Sculpt the pomp high with loads of lift at the front and volume through the crown. Taper the back and sides down close to remove bulk for a streamlined, shapely appearance.

27. Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade
Source: @maestrokutz via Insta

Universally flattering, the classic low taper fade offers a clean, masculine frame for any style or hair type. It maintains impact and edge with its precise shape while keeping maintenance minimal. The shorter taper supports longer strands on top without competing for attention.

28. Curly Kinks with Low Taper fade

Curly Kinks with Low Taper fade
Source: @freshfades604 via Insta

Natural tight curls and coils receive greater flexibility when shaped by a low taper fade. Defining and lifting the curl pattern while keeping perimeter short amplifies definition in the kinkiest of hair. Concentrate products like curl cream through the lengths then softly scrunch curls into place.

29. Low Taper Fade Edgar

Low Taper Fade Edgar
Source: @hyecuts_barbershop via Insta

Named after Edgar haircuts, this tapered cut pairs longer choppy layers up top with closely cropped sides. The disconnected lengths enhance natural texture and movement for great versatility. Finger style the textured top section loosely sidewards for a swept look.

30. Wavy Low taper fade

Wavy Low taper fade
Source: @menshairtips via Pinterest

For wavy to curly hair types, the low taper fade offers a tailored finish that won’t overwhelm the natural pattern. Allow waves their organic movement while neatly tapering the hairline, sideburns and nape close for a streamlined shape. Define curls as needed with curl cream or mousse.

31. Hispanic Low Taper Fade

Hispanic Low Taper Fade
Source: @blendz_barbershop via Insta

Hispanic gents can embrace their lush natural texture with this contoured silhouette. Allowing curly locks freedom on top while keeping the tapered sides/back neat is key. Concentrate volume at the front and crown to create movement and rhythm. Finish with high-shine pomade for touchable shape and definition.

32. Low Taper Fade with Line Up

Low Taper Fade with Line Up
Source: @kingsbarberlounge via Insta

Adding a crisp hairline design amplifies the modern edge of any low taper fade. Consult your barber on custom etched hairline looks – choose anything from sharp points and angles to creative waves. Contrast makes detailed line ups stand out against closely tapered sides.

33. Faux Hawk low taper fade

Faux Hawk low taper fade
Source: @tailorfade via Insta

This rebellious spiky style gains additional attitude with the incorporation of a low bald taper fade. Spiked up strands grab attention at the crown while closely cropped sides expose the scalp for contrast. Use a matte finish styling putty to piece the textured faux hawk top to a point.

34. Spiky low taper fade haircut

Spiky low taper fade haircut
Source: @samanmousavi.cut via Insta

On-trend messy spikes meet polish in this textured style contrasted with tapered edges. Disconnected layers trendy cut throughout create loose pieciness for an undone look. Define the spiked section more by tapering hair behind the ear neatly down close to the skin.

35. Mohawk Low Taper Fade

Mohawk Low Taper Fade
Source: @elay_skee via Insta

The statement-making mohawk commands attention when coupled with a bald taper fade. Beginning at the recession, graduate longer mohawk strands down into a point with clippers. Concentrate product through the central strip of hair, lifting it vertically while keeping sides cleanly faded.

36. Fluffy Low Taper Cut

Fluffy Low Taper Cut
Source: @jasteca via Insta

For the curly haired gent looking for freedom of movement paired with precision, a fluffy low taper grants buildable volume on top with neatened edges. Defined yet tousled curls benefit from concentrated layers cut throughout the crown to encourage springy bounce.

37. Caesar low taper Fade

Caesar low taper Fade
Source: @everythingericm via Insta

The Caesar cut meets contemporary edge with this cropped, taper faded iteration. The classic short fringe reveals the face while a strong taper minimizes bulk behind the ear and at the nape. Side swept bangs let natural texture and cowlicks determine the flow.

38. Ivy League low taper fade

Ivy League low taper fade
Source: @g.clipss via Insta

This polished look sees cultured refinement in the Ivy League haircut tailored with tapered back/sides. A touch longer on top with side swept part, the taper tightens the silhouette for a smart appearance. Shape hair into place using a medium shine styling cream.

39. Classic Side Part Low Taper Fade

Classic Side Part Low Taper Fade
Source: @tobarber_ via Insta

The classic side part contour Receives a fresh update paired with a taper fade. It’s one of the best hairstyles for men. Sweeping longer locks sideways plays into the side parted section While keeping height for a masculine, put-together aesthetic. Concentrate shine serum through the sides and neaten with a comb.

40. Buzz Cut low taper fade

Buzz Cut low taper fade
Source: @tapiacuts via Insta

Masculine and unfussy, the buzz cut taper haircut fade offers a lo/hi contrast through extreme graduated lengths. On top, hair is clipped to a uniform cropped length from forehead to crown using clippers. Sides and back are tapered ultra short down to the scalp.

41. Drop Low Taper Fade

Drop Low Taper Fade
Source: @clutchthebarber via Insta

Graduating shortest at the nape, the drop taperfade meets edge with an exposed hairline. Keep the top long, allowing hair to fall freely over the faded neckline for a nonchalant effect. The elongated fringe hides the extreme drop while the taper supports natural texture and movement.

42. Bald fade low taper

Source: @j.marrtt via Insta

For seriously bold edge, request your barber taper down into a bald fade – taking length ultra close to the scalp before hitting bare skin across the lower sides/nape. This extreme precision fade makes a statement on its own. Adding longer pieces up top plays into the radical lo/hi contrast of lengths. Concentrate texture products like wax or gel to make strands behave against the bare fade.

43. Curly Low Taper Fade

Curly Low Taper Fade
Source: @shaundrathebarber via Insta

Texture takes the spotlight in this style pairing tight coils and curls with a streamlined low taper fade. Defined ringlets up top pop against the super short sides/back. Finger coil any loose curls for extra spring-loaded shape. Touch up edges and nape close with clippers.

44. Low taper fade with Side Bangs

Low taper fade with Side Bangs
Source: @hicks_thebarber via Insta

The surfer appeal of side swept fringe finds new depths alongside a tapered back/sides. Making bangs the focus up top while minimizing bulk behind the earlobes creates cool contrast. Brush bangs across forehead to show off eyes and let ends flick up for movement.

45. High volume low taper fade

High volume low taper fade
Source: @cutz.mikey via Insta

A voluminous textured top increases in height and drama against a low bald taper fade. The strategic negative spaces formed by tight tapering allows the eye to concentrate on the fuller section. Lift longer strands with strong hold wax for extreme layering and spikes.

46. Long wavy hair low taper fade

Long wavy hair low taper fade
Source: @javierstylo via Insta

For gentlemen with longer wavy locks, embrace a fashionably undone allure with this style. Allow waves and curls to fall freely over the forehead while keeping the neckline clean and streamlined in a taper fade. Scrunch in sea salt spray for texture.

47. Messy Low Taper Cut

Messy Low Taper Cut
Source: @babah_barbershop via Insta

Indulge the bed head look with this intentionally undone style. The messy finished is enhanced by adding shorter tapered sides into the mix. Texturizing and layering shears used throughout create choppy pieciness. Fingers ruffle and sweep hair sideways for attitude.

48. Short Taper Fade

Short Taper Fade
Source: @fade.n.co via Insta

Easy and wearable, the classic short taper fade offers versatility for all hair types. Length stays slightly longer on top for movement and flow that plays nicely against meticulously tapered sides and back. Concentrate texture products like wax or putty through the crown.

49. Short Low taper fade

Short Low taper fade
Source: @chemote_barber via Insta

Cool and contemporary, this versatile shorter look sees cropped locks on top graduated down into cleanly tapered edges. The subtle hi-lo contrast of lengths makes for comfortable styling and low maintenance. Style hair into place using a molding cream or pomade.

Taper vs Fade

What’s the difference between a taper and fade? While very similar, a taper gradually transitions all hair lengths while a fade features an obvious disconnect between short and long zones.

The taper uses clipper guards to seamlessly blend hair from short at the neckline to longer on top in one smooth look. This creates softness. With a fade, the bottom hairline is clipped extremely short with no guard so it starkly contrasts longer hair. This disconnect creates dimension.

Fade styles include high, mid and low placement options. A high fade occurs above the temples, while a mid fade happens at middle of the sides. The low fade starts low at the nape. Tapers can also be cut high, mid or low.

High Taper vs Low Taper

The main difference between high and low tapers are where they start to taper up from.

A high taper quickly fades up from very short hair above the temples and ears. This showcases more of the fade through the sides.

A low taper begins further down, clipping hair close at the nape and fading up from the neckline. This reveals less of the fade itself.

A high taper works well to make a receding hairline less noticeable, while a low taper is good for accentuating jaw structure.

Mid Taper vs Low Taper

A mid taper starts fading hair from the middle portion of the head at about eye level. The taper progressively graduates up from this midpoint.

With a low taper, tapering up from short to long happens further down, beginning low at the nape of the neck near the bottom hairline.

The mid taper fade reveals more gradation through the sides, while the low taper displays just a small portion fade section. Those with longer face shapes tend to suit low tapers well to accentuate the jaw.

Advantages of the Low Taper Fade Haircut

Why choose a low taper fade haircut? Here are some benefits:

  • Sharp disconnect between very short fade and longer top creates bold, head-turning style
  • Draws attention to eyes, cheeks and jaw structure
  • Low maintenance style is quick to style
  • Looks neat and tailored
  • Complements variety of hair lengths and textures on top
  • Faded sides help balance round face shapes
  • Easy to tweak fade length for different looks

Celebrities and Influencers Who Use Low Taper Fades

Many popular male celebs sport low taper faded styles:

Drake likes an iconic low skin fade haircut, buzzing hair super short with a defined part.

low skin fade haircut
Source via pinterest

Jimmy Butler from NBA keeps chestnut curls swept up with a low bald fade.

low bald fade
Source via pinterest

Justin Bieber adds slimming burst design details etched into his faded neckline.

slimming burst design details etched into his faded neckline
Source via pinterest

Bad Bunny combines a low taper with a cool permed mullet in back.

low taper with a cool permed mullet in back
Source via pinterest

Post Malone cuts a low drop fade into his ginger waves and top knot.

low drop fade waves and top knot
Source via pinterest

Latin popstar Maluma energizes mid-length curls with a burst low fade.

mid-length curls with a burst low fade
Source via pinterest

These influencers also showcase low taper fade haircut inspiration on TikTok and Instagram. From tight coils to flowy lengths, this versatile faded cut complements an array of textures.

FAQ about Low Taper Fade

How to ask your barber for a low taper fade?

Bring photos to show exactly how you want your low taper fade cut and styled. Specify that you want a low taper fade, lining up the hairline crisp and clean near the nape. Ask for clippers with no guard to buzz the neckline very short. Then request use of graduated clipper guards, starting from a #1 and progressing up with slightly longer lengths to blend into hair on top. Clarify the finished area desired for longer hair left on top, such as two inches.

Which is better taper or fade?

It depends on your personal style. For a bold look with high contrast, request a fade. If you prefer a more subtle, gradual change from short to longer lengths, go for a taper style instead. Placement of both tapers and fades can also vary. A low taper or fade focuses attention on the face, eyes and smile while a high taper or fade diverts attention upwards.

How does a low taper fade haircut differ from a high taper fade?

A low taper fade starts lower at nape of your neck. A high taper fade starts higher near the crown of the head.

How can I make my day-to-day hair easy to style with a low taper fade?

Get a manageable length on top. Use styling products. Book regular trim appointments to maintain the taper.

What are some common techniques for achieving a stylish low taper fade haircut?

Carefully taper hair from longer to shorter. Use clippers and trimmers to sculpt smooth fades. Add designs for extra style. Contrast longer and shorter sections.

Can a low taper fade haircut work well with straight hair?

Yes, the clean-cut taper complements straight hair well. Swept styles gain flow against streamlined sides.

Is a low taper fade haircut suitable for all hair textures?

Yes, low taper fades adapt to all hair types, length of your hair and textures. The tapered support shapes curls, enhances waves, and flatters straight strands.

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