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Edgar Mullet Cut Ideas

The Edgar Mullet Cut

The edgy punk rock aesthetic of the Edgar cut collides with the retro cool vibe of the mullet in an avant-garde hairstyle that’s making waves. This bold fusion marries two radically different eras and trends to create the Edgar mullet cut. Both edgy and elegant, this look turns heads with its dramatic contrasts.

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What is the Edgar Mullet Cut?

The Edgar mullet combines the straight-across fringe and cropped top of the Edgar cut with the long, flowing locks of a classic mullet shape. The result is a high-contrast style that keeps hair short and severe on top but long and loose in the back.

Key Features:

  • Straight, blunt fringe grazing the eyebrows
  • Very short back and sides cropped near the scalp
  • Long hair in the back reaching the shoulders or beyond
  • High-drama contrast from front to back

This cut works best on straight or wavy hair types that can hold the extreme shapes without going limp. The voluminous back requires substantial thickness and texture.

High Fade Edgar Mullet Cut

Source: @vigilantebarber661 via Insta
Source: @davidclipperhands via Insta

The high fade Edgar mullet unleashes an extreme long-short hybrid style. Closely faded sides contrast with longer locks up top styled into a signature blunt fringe. Meanwhile, length in the back contributes rebellious flow.

Mullet Mid Fade Edgar Cut

Source: @kickheadbarberlab via Insta
Source: @exclusive_cutsnz via Insta

The mullet mid fade Edgar strikes balance with medium-length fringe bangs and a gradual tapered back and sides. Moderate side fading defines the face without overwhelming top layers, whether smoothly styled or finger-combed.

Curly Edgar Mullet Cut

Source: @junelos_art_n_cuts via Insta
Source: @ab.barberlab via Insta

Mixing crispness with carefree texture, the curly Edgar mullet embraces natural ringlets and coils mingling with precision-cut fringe. Faded sides tame what this spirited curly hybrid style unleashes on top and in back.

Classic Edgar Mullet Cut

Source: @jadrien.fades via Insta
Source: @prascillathebarber via Insta

The classic Edgar mullet channels retro chic appeal through its fusion of a heavy blunt fringe with flowing back length. Well-suited to thicker straight hair types, this avant-garde yet polished look makes a artistic fashion statement.

Messy Fluffy Edgar Mullet Haircut

Source: @texasbarbershopgo via Insta
Source: @ckblendz via Insta

Artfully disheveled, the messy fluffy Edgar mullet employs shattered fringe lines and teased crown layers to convey casual elegance. By embracing undone texture throughout, this style exudes approachable edge.

Mid Fade Edgar Mullet Cut

Source: @ckblendz via Insta
Source: @edismoz via Insta

Subtly fading in the sides, the mid taper Edgar mullet concentrates attention on the cropped fringe and nape-grazing locks. Sweeping the eyes up and down, this medium-contrast shape reveals carefully crafted crispness giving way to rebellious length.

Edgar mullet trend

Source: @iliketo.hair via Insta
Source: @mibarbers via Insta

By mating the rebellious attitude of the 80s inspired Edgar haircut with the let-it-fly freedom of the 70s mullet, this fused shape makes a statement. The Edgar mullet boldly yet harmoniously melds different eras and mindsets within one coherent, trend-defying style.

Despite the vastly different appearances of each era, the essence of nonconformity and self-expression rings true in both the Edgar and the mullet. This common spirit makes their fusion both harmonious and impactful.

How to Style it

Leaning into punk rock edge tones down the retro mullet vibe. Studded leather, band tees, and dark ripped denim help craft an edgy look. Alternatively, keep it elegant with sleek lines in front balanced by loose, romantic curls in back.

Lead with confidence and let this adventurous style manifest your creative spirit. Whether you’re headed to a rock concert or black-tie affair, the Edgar mullet commands attention.

The Last Word on Edgar mullet

Dramatic, daring, and full of attitude—the Edgar mullet cut makes a statement with its avant-garde fusion. Short yet feminine, edgy yet elegant, this look channels the nonconformist in us all. If you crave standout style, take inspiration from the bold spirit of the Edgar mullet.

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