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Takuache Cuh Haircut ideas

The Takuache Cuh Haircut

The Takuache Cuh haircut is making waves as a bold, edgar cut inspired by Mexican-American youth culture. With its exaggerated height, messy texture, and sharp contrasts, this cut is guaranteed to make a statement.

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What is the Takuache Cuh Haircut?

The Takuache Cuh cut features very short sides and back combined with longer, voluminous hair on top. The top section is styled tall with lots of texture and movement.

This modern mullet-style cut gets its name from the word “takuache” – a Spanish slang term meaning “punk” or “troublemaker.” It’s often associated with the cholo subculture.

Takuache Cuh haircut ideas for men

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The Takuache Cuh confidently pairs extreme side shortening with textured height up top. This cut’s punched-up volume and exaggerated fade create major contrast certain to inspire double-takes.

Key Features

Exaggerated Volume on Top The top section is left much longer, allowing for added height and volume. The hair on top is styled messy and textured, with lots of lift at the roots. This creates an eye-catching, punky shape.

High-Contrast Fade A high bald or skin fade helps provide definition. The ultra-short sides and back contrast sharply with the taller hair on top for major impact.

Effortless, Messy Finish The takuache style has an imperfect, undone look. The hair is messily styled with fingers for a chaotic, windblown effect. Waxes, clays, or pomades provide pliable hold.

Ideal Hair Types This rebellious cut works best with straight or slightly wavy hair with some density and weight. The right texture allows the hair on top to be sculpted tall and stay standing all day. Very curly or fine hair won’t hold the shape.

Customizing Your Look

There are a few ways to personalize a takuache cut:

  • Play with different types of fades – a skin fade makes more of a statement while a taper fade is more subtle.
  • Style the top section swept to one side or perfectly vertical – both look great.
  • Shave a line through one side of the fade for an extra detail.
  • Push the height of the top section higher for more drama.


With its rad attitude and punk vibes, it’s no wonder the Takuache Cuh style is gaining traction. Embrace your inner cholo with this rebellious, edgy cut!

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