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How to Get Edgar Cut Video Guide

How to get Edgar haircut

How to Cut an Edgar Haircut with a Low Taper: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Edgar cut is a popular men’s hairstyle characterized by short sides and back with longer, textured hair on top. Pairing this cut with a low taper fade creates a stylish, modern look. Follow these steps to cut an Edgar haircut with a smooth low taper.


  1. Start with clean, damp hair. Thoroughly wash and condition the hair. Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture before cutting.
  2. Create an outline with clippers. Use #2 clipper guard, cutting upward with the grain to create an even length all around the head. This is your baseline.
  3. Cut the Mohawk section. From the front hairline to the crown, section out a 2-inch wide Mohawk strip. Leave this hair longer on top.
  4. Taper the back and sides. Below the Mohawk section, taper hair down to the skin with clipper guards. Start with #2, go to #1, then #1/2 to taper.
  5. Detail the Mohawk section. Point cut into the Mohawk section to add texture. Soften the perimeter line by point cutting vertically.
  6. Shape the hairline. Curve sideburns and around ears for a natural look. Keep nape line square. Detail with trimmers.
  7. Shave with care. Apply shave gel before shaving nape/sides. Pull skin taut. Shave with the grain to prevent irritation.
  8. Style finished cut. Work styling product into damp Mohawk section and style up for height. Finish with texture powder.

Cutting an Edgar low taper cut requires patience and attention to detail. Maintaining moist hair and working in steps from longer to shorter guards will help create a professional, blended look. The finished style offers versatility for different styling preferences.

How to Get Mid Tape Edgar cut

The mid tape Edgar is a popular haircut known for its sharp lines, clean fades, and angular designs. With the right techniques, you can achieve this stylish look on your own. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to get a flawless mid tape Edgar cut.


  1. Prep the hair. Thoroughly wash and condition the hair. Make sure it is clean, dry, and tangle-free before cutting.
  2. Trim the sides. Use trimmers to cut the hair on the sides and back down to a uniform short length. This removes bulk and creates a base.
  3. Set the baseline. With trimmers, cut upward from the nape in a half-circle motion to establish a soft guideline. Leave stubble, don’t cut to the skin.
  4. Taper the lower sides. Use shavers in sweeping motions to taper out the hair below the guideline, blending down to the skin.
  5. Clean up with #4 guard. Run a #4 clipper guard up from the neckline to remove weight and length.
  6. Set 2nd guideline with open lever. Use trimmers with the lever open to notch out a 2nd guideline above the first.
  7. Blend and fade. Use progressively shorter guards – #1, 1.5, 2 on the sides to taper and fade up to the longer hair on top.
  8. Shape the neckline. Carefully trim and blend into the neckline for a finished look all around.
  9. Taper the back. Start with a #1 guard open lever to remove bulk. Create a guide at the ear’s end.
  10. Blend the back. Use shorter guards in a downward motion to blend the back taper into the neckline.
  11. Add designs. Use trimmers to carve angular designs into the sides and back for style.
  12. Outline designs. Crisply outline designs with a straight blade for sharpness.
  13. Trim and thin top. Clipper-over-comb to trim and texture the longer hair on top.
  14. Finish and style. Line up hairline, groom brows, apply product, finish styling the top.

Following these steps carefully will give you a professional-looking mid tape Edgar cut with clean fades, angular designs, and a textured top. Use quality tools and focus on precision blending. With practice, you can achieve this cut at home.

How to Cut Low Burst Fade Edgar Haircut

The low burst fade Edgar haircut is a cool, stylish look that starts with a defined V-shaped lineup and transitions into a close skin fade burst on the sides and back. Mastering this precision haircut requires skill with the clippers to gradually blend the hair from long to short. Follow along below for a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on cutting and styling this iconic fade style.

Step 1: Create the Initial Lineup

  • Start by outlining a crisp V-shape along the front hairline and temples with the trimmer.
  • Cut the hair down to the skin to define the edges.
  • Take your time to ensure the V is centered and symmetrical.

Step 2: Set the Low Fade Guideline

  • Decide how low you want the fade to start, just above the ear is common.
  • Use a close trimmer guard like the half blade to cut the initial guideline.
  • Cut up from the sideburns towards the back of the head.

Step 3: Fade Down with the Shaver

  • Switch to a shaver and begin fading down from the guide to the skin.
  • Progressively close the lever to cut the hair shorter and shorter.
  • Remove just a little hair at a time for a seamless blend.

Step 4: Refine with Guards

  • Go over the area with clipper guards to refine the fade.
  • Use the half guard to taper from the longer hair down to the guideline.
  • Follow up with the #1 guard to blend between the half guard and shaver work.
  • Detail trim by eye to smooth out any lines.

Step 5: Cut and Style the Top

  • Texturize and cut the longer hair on top using point cutting and thinning.
  • Style into place with a blow dryer and your choice of pomade, paste or wax.

Step 6: Finish with Lineup Details

  • Sharpen up the edges of the lineup with a straight razor.
  • Use the razor to add texture and separation to the fringe.

The low burst fade haircut delivers major visual impact when cut with precision. Follow these pro steps as you master this eye-catching barbershop style. Let the guidelines serve as your roadmap while lever play, trimmer work and styling create the sleek, sculpted finished look.

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