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Edgar Buzz haircut ideas

The Buzz Cut Edgar

The buzz cut Edgar is one of the boldest men’s hairstyles around. This ultra short cut features a super short fringe that adds just a touch of style to an otherwise all-over buzzed head. It’s a great option for guys looking for an edgy, minimalist look that requires virtually no upkeep.

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FTMO.com - For serious traders

What is a Edgar Buzz Cut ?

A buzz cut Edgar starts with clippers run all over the head with no guard to cut the hair down to the scalp. This creates the signature all-over buzzed look. The only place left with some length is the top fringe section. This fringe is cut blunt and left just an inch or two long, then styled brushed straight down over the forehead.

This modernized version of the classic short Edgar haircut combines the attitude of an edgy buzz cut with the trademark Edgar fringe. It’s a bold look that makes a statement with its minimalist style.

Edgar Buzz Cut for men

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Amping up the contrast, the high fade buzz cut Edgar concentrates attention on the cropped fringe grazing the brows. With extra short sides and back, this cut embraces minimalist edge.

Who Can cut the Buzz Cut Edgar?

This cut works best for guys with very short hair who want even less maintenance. It highlights facial features with its close cut style. An oval or rectangular face shape is ideal.

The buzz cut Edgar haircut is perfect for men with thick, straight hair that sticks up when buzzed. The fringe lays neatly with some product, offsetting the short sides.

Guys who want an edgy style or need a simple military-inspired look are also great candidates. It takes confidence to buzz your head, but the fringe keeps it looking polished.

How to Get and Style a Buzz Cut Edgar

To achieve this cut, have your barber use clippers with no guard to buzz your full head. Leave just 1-2 inches on top to create the cropped fringe. Use pomade, wax or light hairspray to brush the short fringe neatly forward if desired. Otherwise, you can style the fringe messily brushed forward as well.

Either way, no additional styling is needed thanks to the simple buzz cut length. Just wash and towel dry as needed – that’s it!

The Bold Buzz Cut Look

If you’re looking to buzz your head but still want a touch of signature style, the buzz cut Edgar is a great option. This almost-bald cut with a cropped fringe is a bold, eye-catching look. Confident gents who want an edgy, military-inspired style should consider giving this cut a try.

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